Hot Pavement Warning: How Hot is too Hot?

With summer weather in full swing, it's crucial to remember that hot pavement can pose a significant risk to our four pawed friends. While we often don't realize how scorching the ground can get, it can cause severe burns and discomfort for our pets. 

Especially if outside temps are over 85 degrees, it's important to check the pavement temperature before taking them for walks.  Follow the 7-second rule.  Before heading out, place the back of your hand firmly against the concrete or asphalt for 7 seconds.  If is uncomfortable or burning for you, it's too hot for your pup's paws. Opt for walking your pet during cooler hours or on grassy surfaces to minimize the risk of burns.

Your pet's paws are their primary mode of transportation and keeping them safe and comfortable should be a top priority. 

Stay cool!