Camping with Canines: 10 Tips to Make Your Outdoor Adventures Safe and Enjoyable

Man and woman with dog camping in a tent

What could be more fun than embracing nature and spending time outdoors with your best furry friend? Embarking on a camping trip with your dog can be a rewarding experience and create lasting memories for both of you.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable outdoor adventure, consider these ten tips for camping with your dog.

1.  Check Dog-Friendly Campsites

Before heading out, research and choose campsites that are dog-friendly. Look for locations with designated dog-friendly areas, hiking trails, and open spaces where your pup can roam safely.

2.  Pack the Essentials

Don’t forget your dog’s necessities before leaving! Pack their food, water, bowls, leash, collar with ID tags,  a pet first aid kit, and any necessary medications. Using a convenient bag like the  Rubyloo Doggy Bag Backpack can help you keep all of your essentials in one place.

Familiar toys and a comfortable bed can also provide a sense of home if this is your dog’s first camping experience.

3.  Visit the Vet

Schedule a pre-trip visit to the vet to ensure your dog is up-to-date on vaccinations and is in good health. Discuss preventive measures  for ticks, fleas, and other potential outdoor hazards. 

4.  Establish Strong Training Skills

Ensure your dog responds to basic commands like "sit," "stay," and "come." This is for your pup’s safety, and it can make camping more enjoyable for everyone.

5.  Wear Proper Identification

Make sure your dog wears a collar with updated ID tags containing your contact information. Consider a microchip for an extra layer of security in case your pup gets lost during the camping trip.



6.  Secure Tent and Sleeping Arrangements

Before your trip, introduce your pup to the tent at home and work on building positive associations so they feel comfortable. You can also bring a cozy bed or blanket for your dog to snuggle up on at the end of the night.

7.  Follow Leave No Trace Principles

Practice responsible camping by following "Leave No Trace" principles. Always pick up after your dog and dispose of waste properly. Carry waste bags and dispose of them in designated trash bins.

8.  Mind Wildlife and Plants

Be aware of local wildlife and plants that could pose a threat to your dog. Supervise your dog at all times and, preferably, keep them on a leash to prevent encounters with wildlife or ingestion of toxic plants.

9.  Stay Hydrated and Cool

Dogs can overheat quickly, especially in warmer weather. Bring enough water for both you and your dog, and ensure you have a bowl for your pup to drink out of. Rubyloo’s convenient Dog + Human Water Bottle features an attached bowel to make staying hydrated as easy as possible.

When it’s especially warm, seek shade during the hottest parts of the day. A cooling mat or bandana can help keep your pup comfortable.

10.  Plan Outdoor Activities Together

Plan activities that both you and your dog can enjoy. Whether it's hiking, swimming, or playing fetch, including your pup in outdoor activities turns a normal camping trip into an unforgettable bonding experience.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors with Your Canine Companion

Camping with your dog is one of the best experiences, but it requires proper preparation and consideration. By following these tips, you'll create a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience for both you and your furry friend.